The terms and conditions set out in this agreement are to be read and agreed upon by all customers before placing any order. These terms and conditions form a legally binding contract between Jaiss Fashion Ltd and the customer until a notice of change is provided.

Time frame:

We aim to provide you with an approximate time frame of about 3-6 weeks during which the product will be ready for collection or delivery. However, considering the circumstance of a customized, handmade orders and the availability of the required fabrics, we cannot absolutely guarantee the same time period for every order. During periods of peak demand, the time frame may increase up to 6-7 weeks but you shall be duly notified as soon as possible and provided with a revised date. Time of delivery shall not be determinable to the contract unless previously agreed in writing by us. For further information regarding Delivery and Shipping, kindly visit out FAQs section or contact us directly.

Rush Orders:

For urgent requirements within 2-3 weeks, we occasionally accept rush orders with an applicable surcharge. Extra time is quoted if any alteration is required (Refer Below for Alteration clause).

Group Orders:

For an ensemble of wedding couture, we request you to book at least 8 weeks in advance to avoid unnecessary stress on your big day. Delivery of last minute bulk orders cannot be guaranteed.


Jaiss Fashion Ltd has its own IP, according to which the measures and similar descriptions are approximately determined. Customers can choose between ‘Loose fit’, ‘Regular fit’ or ‘Slim fit’. We make all reasonable efforts to accurately provide the perfect fitting but due to the nature of the task, handmade garments can have slight variance of up to 2cms from the stated measurements (Even within the same purchase). These measurements are for company use only, and shall not be revealed to the customers. You are required to specify your requirements during alterations or bring along a sample suit for the perfect fit. If you insist on providing your own measurements or by other tailors, Jaiss Fashion Ltd., shall not be liable for the perfect fit of your garments. However, you can request measurement instructions to reduce the risk factor.


Jaiss Fashion Ltd quotes an approximate time frame of 2 weeks for most alterations but it may vary according to the city you reside in.

If alterations are required, and we judge that our tailoring team is clearly at fault, we will endeavour to repair and/or alter the item to your satisfaction at our cost. In this case, if the repair and/or alteration is no longer possible, we will provide credit or cash compensation of an amount that we deem fair and reasonable.

In case of alterations required where you are clearly at fault (change of mind or weight gain/loss after measurements were taken), we will endeavour to repair and/or alter the item to your satisfaction at your cost. If the repair and/or alteration is no longer possible in such a case, you will need to purchase a brand new garment, with no liability whatsoever, placed on us.

Pickup Conditions:

You are required to pick up your order within the timeframe of 6 weeks from notification about the completion of the order. The only exception to this is a previously agreed date of pickup. After the 6 weeks period, Jaiss Fashion Ltd reserves the right to dispose of the garments without any liability of providing refund to the customer.

Privacy and Confidentiality Statement:

Jaiss Fashion Ltd respects your concerns about privacy and follow strict procedures to protect customer information and ensure that your personal information is handled in a responsible manner. Your confidentiality information is secure with us.